Open and Original Problems in Software Language Engineering


Fourth International Workshop on Open and Original Problems in Software Language Engineering

15–16 March 2016, Osaka, Japan

Co-located with SANER’16 (formerly CSMR and WCRE)

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Software Language Ecosystems Panel

Just like overly zealous software developers tend to overlook stakeholder interests and user experience, software language designers are not used to continually reminding themselves about the ecosystems their languages are a part of. Considerably more effort is put into making a transformation semantic preserving or ensuring orthogonality of language constructs, than into considering language integration schemes and weighing the impact of language adaptation on the software process.

It is time to address such issues even in more detail than they have been repeatedly addressed during previous OOPSLE sessions. Please submit your position statement to this panel contributing on any of the following topics:

  • Software language interaction with cyber-physical systems
  • Guiding system and language comprehension with megamodel renarrations
  • Language and language artefact adaptability to the needs of language users
  • Software language modularity and decompositionality on the end user's side
  • Learnability of a software language and teaching software language engineering
  • Anything else related to the environment and context of software languages


Yanja Dajsuren

The origins and future of software languages in cyber physical systems

Shane McIntosh

I would like to discuss the role that build tools and automation play in software language ecosystems.